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Fitness Warehouse Inc.

Fitness Equipment Set


Workout - Accessories

Improve the efficiency of your workout with Fitness Warehouse Inc. Apart from strength resistance machines, we also offer accessories that can help maximize the benefits of your routines. Contact us to place your order.

Strength Resistance Machines

Any exercise routine that involves moving your body against resistance can be considered resistance or strength training. Resistance is any force that makes the movement more difficult to perform.

Moving your body against gravity or adding weighted dumbbells can create resistance. Using fitness machines or equipment such as weighted bars, bands, or kettlebells can also add resistance. This type of training can be referred to as weight lifting or weight training.

There are significant benefits to resistance training. If you are getting into a weight training program, expect your body to become stronger, tighter and leaner. People who take part in this form of training usually have an easier time moving through activities of daily living because their muscles move more efficiently.