Fitness Warehouse Inc.

Tko SS Leg Curl

Biomechanically correct seat position and adjustable back pad for proper alignment

Adjustable lower leg/ankle pad for precise fit

Cushion filled with MC high resilience foam material covered with high grade PU leather upholstery

Easy adjustable back support featuring aluminum alloy arm parallelogram structure with torsion spring

220lbs Weight stack - 10lb increments

Assembled size: 58"W x 42"D x 66"H

Weight 528lbs

Frame: 10 Years

Weight Stack Plates : 5 Years

Moving Parts: Bearings, Pulleys, Pull Pins, Guide Rods, : 1 Year

Belts & Cables: 1 Year

Upholstery (stitching only), Grips, Rollers & Roller Covers: 6 Month

Shroud & Plastics Parts: 6 Months

Unlisted Parts: 1 Year

Labor: None