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TKO Pro Club Training Gloves

The TKO Pro Club Training Gloves are made from genuine top grain leather that can withstand repeated impact. Like all TKO products, the TKO Pro Club Training Gloves are made with comfort and safety and longevity in mind. These training gloves are lined and bound with a nylon-woven shock absorbing foam to help protect from the repeated impact of throwing powerful punches and reduce overall injury due to and during routine training sessions.

To help make these training gloves breathable, and reduce odor absorption and buildup, the inner foam is covered with a fine silk taffeta. The 2” wide adjustable wrist wrap closure ensures these gloves fit nearly any wrist size and will remain securely on your hand throughout training sessions.

These gloves are available in two weights: 12oz and 16oz. Our Pro Club Training Gloves also feature a curved thumb retainer for added safety in order to protect your thumbs from the impact of a misthrown punch, and potential injury. Every TKO Pro Club Training Glove is manufactured right in the heart of Houston, Texas, and is guaranteed to hold up to the training of champs and amateurs alike.

For all your boxing needs, trust the folks at TKO Strength. We have been helping boxing and fitness enthusiasts with the best bags and supplies for over 30 years. TKO products are durable, long lasting, and of the highest quality. Built from the ground up by boxing fanatics, TKO is one of the most trusted companies in boxing and fitness equipment.


Heavy bags are an iconic and classic fixture in combat sports history. Their versatility and effectiveness as training tools are unparalleled. Combat athletes worldwide turn to heavy bags daily to hone their speed, footwork, precision, and power. TKO’s line of heavy bags and speed bags offer superior design elements and durability with offerings that are suitable for both home gyms and commercial combat sports facilities.

TKO Pro Style Heavy Bag

The TKO Pro Style Heavy Bag features an environmentally friendly 22 oz PVC coated vinyl outer shell containing a specially blended fiber that has been hydraulically filled for even weight distribution. Heavy gauge welded “D & O” rings are included with purchase, as well as a powder coated steel chain and swivel. The TKO Pro Style Heavy bag comes in 50 lbs, 75 lbs, and 100 lbs.

TKO Pro Style Muay Thai Bag

Muay Thai Kickboxing is a unique discipline that can be aided by specially designed training equipment. TKO has recognized this need and created a heavy bag especially for Muay Thai kickboxers. The TKO Pro Style Muay Thai Bag is 125 lbs of hydraulically filled and precisely weighted special fiber blend that is contained within an extra long 22 oz PVC coated vinyl outer shell. The double end tie down design meets the unique demands of Muay Thai combat athletes. The bag itself measures 14”x72”, a perfect length for full kickboxing workouts.

TKO Signature Heavy Bag

The TKO Signature Heavy Bag is a premium offering featuring upgraded 28 oz PVC coated vinyl outer shell with a 16mm foam liner and lace enclosure. Settling or uneven weight distribution will not be a factor as this bag is hydraulically filled with a special fiber blend. A unique red color scheme ensures that this bag will stand out from the rest.

TKO’s Signature Muay Thai Bag

TKO’s Signature Muay Thai Bag brings premium elements to a uniquely designed Muay Thai bag with a 28 oz PVC coated vinyl outer shell, foam liner, lace enclosure, and double end tie down. This bag features a longer design profile for full kickboxing training sessions. Similar to the TKO Signature Heavy Bag, a bold red color scheme sets this bag apart from the rest.

TKO’s Pro Style Speed Bag

TKO’s Pro Style Speed Bag is constructed of black top grain leather with triple reinforced seams and loop to ensure durability across extra long training sessions while the user develops increased speed and precision. This bag is entirely leather bound and features a heavy duty latex bladder and welted seams for added strength. The Pro Style Speed Bag comes in the following sizes: 9”x6”, 10”x7”, and 11”x8”. The TKO Pro Style Speed Bag Swivel is the ideal pairing with the TKO Pro Style Speed Bag. This fully chrome plated hardware features a triple action ball bearing for optimal performance. Versatility and ease of use is ensured as the base is removable for quick bag changes.