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Fitness Warehouse Inc.

Caring For Your Custom Printed Apparel/T-Shirt

When dealing with custom screen printing, Heat Pressed and Vinyl Press products like shirts, hoodies, or other items, the best approach is always to be cautious. Be sure to use light detergents, less heat, and even try to wash with your hands if possible. When you take care of your clothes, they naturally last longer.

Any clothing item will benefit from hand washing, and especially those that have prints on them. Using cold water and mild detergent, you can control how hard you scrub and clean, making your clothes’ longevity even longer. Sun-drying or Hang drying will be even healthier for the fabrics on them due to natural heat and wind. Using a low-heat setting on your washing machine is perfectly fine for custom screen printed, heat pressed and vinyl pressed  garments. Higher temperatures will ruin the fabrics of the shirt along with all the prints that are on it.

All prints can be applied to T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts and Hoodies ect...