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Fitness Warehouse Inc.

Plate-Loaded Equipment

Strength training not only aid in shedding pounds, but it can also help you maintain weight loss. According to a recent study, women who followed a weight-training routine three times a week increased the amount of calories they burn in normal daily activities (in addition to those burned during exercise), allowing them to maintain their current weight.

Typically, integrating weight machines into a workout depends on your level of experience and immediate fitness goals. Machines provide various significant benefits that free weights do not. According to Edward R. Laskowski, M.D., physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist with the Mayo Clinic, machines are highly effective for weight training and building muscle strength as long you can customize the setup to match your height, weight load, and range of movement.

If you are looking for weight machines and plate-loaded equipment, look no further than Fitness Warehouse Inc. Get in touch with us in Houston, Texas for ordering and shipping details.