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What is personal trainer?

• Personal training is a one on one mutual relationship between a trained fitness professional and a motivated client, in which the main goal is to establish a more beneficial lifestyle for that specific client.

• Using educational tools such as dieting tips, different forms of physical training such as weight, endurance, cardio etc., form and posture correction, and building a strong mental fortitude are essential in preparing a client for lifestyle transformation.

Why you should consider personal training.

• Personal training really focuses in on the client’s personal need. Setting achievable goals and making significant progress is far more evident when hiring a personal trainer

• You might not know the best place to start and that is ok! As a personal trainer, it is our job to guide you to your goals and instill in you discipline and self-motivation for you to be successful in all aspect of your fitness journey


(832) 655-2295

[email protected]

Benefits of Personal Training

• Accountability

• Progression

• Injury Prevention

• Communication

• Personalization

• Life improvement

What separates GFM personal training from anyone else?

• Your success is important to us. We are committed to providing you with all the tools necessary for you reach any personal goal have set.

• WE are set on training you to develop more then just a superior physique, but as well as lifestyle of wellness!

Personal Trainers

Matt Brown


• Graduated from Sam Houston State with a BS in Psychology

• 10+ year of Track experience including collegiate

• Certified with Action Personal training

• CPR certified


I have been involved with all styles of fitness for practically all my life. Fitness has been of who I am for as far as I can remember. Being the son of a gym owner, my interest peaked at an early age. Participating in different sports such as running track and playing football heightened my fitness knowledge, as being an athlete requires much attention and perseverance. Competing at a collegiate level only furthered these qualities. My dedication is to help anyone who comes in contact with me reach their full potential while forming a lifestyle they can be proud of.