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Body-Solid Resistance Tubes​

Perfect for strength training and rehabilitation our Resistance Tubes allow you to work in multiple planes of movement. Their elastic properties give you varying levels of intensity, and every exercise provides a full range of motion. Whether your workouts involve group exercise in the club or in-home personal training, tubing and bands come in a multitude of sizes, forms, and resistance levels to match most abilities.

Available in 5 levels of resistance:

#BSTRT1 - Yellow – Very Light (61" handle to handle)

#BSTRT2 - Green – Light (61" handle to handle)

#BSTRT3 - Red – Medium (61" handle to handle)

#BSTRT4 - Blue – Heavy (61" handle to handle)

#BSTRT5 - Black – Very Heavy (61" handle to handle)

Handle Dia. 1.1" (28mm)

Handle length - 4.25" (114mm)

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