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Fitness Warehouse Inc.

Promoting Fitness
in the Workplace


Why It’s Important to Encourage Fitness in
the Workplace

At Fitness Warehouse Inc., we are committed to promoting the importance of exercise, especially for employees. Here are 10 reasons why we believe it’s a good idea to encourage fitness and healthy living.

  1. Fit employees don’t get sick too often. If a person is physically fit, he or she is generally more resistant to common cold viruses than someone who is not fit. Having a fit employee base can result in a company’s reduced absenteeism and minimal health care expenditures.
  2. Fit employees have more energy for the tasks ahead. Regular exercise can lead to an increase in energy, which can be sustained throughout the day. It also lets the employees stay focused and bring their “A-game” to each task.
  3. Fit employees are self-assured and confident. Since they have proven to themselves that they can reach an optimum level of physical fitness, fit and healthy individuals tend to have a high level of self-confidence. With such –confidence, fit employees are empowered to challenge themselves and aim for higher levels of achievement at work.
  4. Fit employees are more charismatic. Individuals who maintain a high fitness level tends to inspire confidence.
  5. Fit employees have the tendency to take on leadership roles. Maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle requires discipline and planning, which are qualities that make a good leader.
  6. Fit employees are more inclined to set and achieve goals. Reaching extraordinary fitness requires an individual to set and reach certain goals. Striving to stay true to goals and see them through to completion is a skill that can be beneficial for any company.
  7. Fit employees generally have positive attitudes. If an individual is fit and healthy, he or she "feels good," and has a balanced physical and mental state, resulting in a more optimistic attitude in the workplace.
  8. Fit employees are not easily stressed out. Regular exercise eases physical and emotional tensions, allowing a fit individual to have lower overall stress levels than someone who does not engage in a workout routine.
  9. A fit employee base brings exceptional team-building opportunities. Activities that require employees to play as a team are excellent ways for employees to take their professional relationships to new levels. These allow them to explore new ways of working together. Fit employees are more likely to take part in these activities.
  10. Encouraging fitness shows that a company is concern about its employees’ health. Employees do notice when an employer shows concern for their well-being, through a variety of wellness programs. It has been proven that employee turnover is significantly reduced among companies with effective wellness programs.

Get in touch with us in Houston, Texas if you wish to install workout facilities in your workplace. Below are some of our recent commercial installations.

The Right Tools

To make the most of your routine, be sure you have the right equipment for it. Here are some of the common fitness equipment that you might want to consider.


Using a treadmill has many benefits. These include helping you to lose weight. A 20-minute run at 6mph will allow you to burn 229 calories. To burn almost 300 calories, try kicking it up to 8mph.

Combining your workout sessions with a healthy diet will let you reach your weight loss goals faster. With its wide conveyor belt and electric motor, a treadmill allows you to run or walk indoors while staying in one place.

Treadmills offer an alternative to outdoor running. If you are going to use one, it is best to be in good form. The machine’s handrails are not designed for the user to lean on while walking or running. They are used only for support in getting on and off the treadmill. When exercising, be sure to keep your back straight. Look forward and then take full, smooth strides with your legs while pumping your arms in a natural motion.

Exercise Bikes

Running, team sports, and most other exercises are hard on the joints due to the high impact nature of the motion. With a stationary bike, you can exercise and get your heart rate up without adding pressure to your joints.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a stationary bike is especially beneficial for people who are more than 50 pounds overweight. It allows them to avoid mechanical stress on the back, hips, knees, and ankles. Even more beneficial than simply walking, a stationary bike encourages daily physical activity without the added risk of joint pain and injury.

A half-hour exercise on the stationary bike can significantly increase your daily calorie burn, which aids in weight management. If you weigh 155 pounds, for example, and you pedal at a moderate rate for 30 minutes, expect your body to burn about 260 calories.

The amount of calories burned increases in proportion to the intensity and length of the workout. You can also try a variety of workout options on a stationary bike, such as hill climbing and high-intensity interval training.


The few extra calories you might burn while using the treadmill come with greater potential for injury and stress on your joints. This makes the elliptical a good alternative.

Using elliptical trainers have many benefits for runners, and these include getting cardiovascular workouts similar to running. According to the Running Times Magazine, “elliptical training and other forms of cross-training are forgiving on the body, while further developing aerobic fitness.” 

Strength Training Machines

If you are training at home, you can use a multi-gym since it is completely safe and doesn’t require a spotter to reduce the risk of injury through training. Multi-gyms offer a greater range of fundamental exercises. In addition, different gym attachments can be added to enhance your exercise range. They are great for beginners as most exercises have a fixed path of motion to control your direction.

A multi-gym is also more cost-effective than a gym membership. If more than one person is using it, it gives more value for your money back.

The convenience of training at home lets you save time since you don’t have to travel. It can also be more hygienic because you have less people using it unlike in the gym, where machines are used almost nonstop.

Studies show that regular exercise 3-4 times a week can help reduce stress levels and counter the effects of depression, thanks to the endorphins that are released during a workout. With a multi-gym, you can consolidate all your training into one compact machine. Apart from reducing the space, it takes up at home, it lets you train in peace and privacy. You also don’t have to wait for the machine you want to use.

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